Cree’s New Led Bulb with 4 Flow Filament design

Led Bulb with 4 Flow FilamentLed Bulb with 4 Flow Filament

I am sure by now everybody has heard about Cree and their LED bulbs. For many reasons people are more than reluctant to try LED bulbs, which is understandable considering the price. Well Cree plans to introduce LED bulbs to the masses and to formally introduce LED bulbs into everyone’s home and not just a select few that want to try the latest and greatest tech. What is relatively new is the light bulb that Cree has just put into production. Cree took a critical step forward in effectively replacing the incandescent lightbulb, they managed to make their lightbulb “look just like a light bulb,  but works better than a light bulb.”  When you look at it, it looks just like any regular incandescent light bulb, but all similarities stop there. It’s new design allows for it to operate with out a heat sink which is good espically because it brings down the price and it brings the look of a lightbulb that everyone is used too so you won’t feel like your buying something from a different world. Also with getting rid of the heat sink these bulbs can also be used in totally enclosed light fixtures which many LED bulbs can achieve mainly because they do need a heat sink to operate. At the moment the Cree light bulb comes in a 40w variant and a 6ow and  starts around $7.97 for the 40w and $8.97 for the 60w. The Cree LED bulbs can be found at Home Depot both in the store and online.

Author: Justin Harris

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