Tesla P85D

Tesla P85D

Every vehicle comes with its cons; some sort of compromises that you will have to make regarding value, safety, fuel consumption, reliability, passenger and cargo capacity, style, technology, performance or luxury. But what if you were told that perfection is finally obtainable; a truly remarkable car – Tesla P85D – is the brand new vehicle that caters to all your biggest priorities. We ran a checkup of the features to find out the functioning of the latest Tesla design, let us break our findings down in categories.


This vehicle is definitely not reasonably priced at $120,000, but you do get your money’s worth because the car is loaded with high-tech equipment, such as the new Autopilot feature which enhances your driving experience. From a technological standpoint, the propulsion systems are also one of the most efficient and most up-to-date, and acts on the performance of your Tesla P85D as a catalyst.


This part of the brand new vehicle has been left unexplored since nobody has owned a Tesla for a long period of time yet, but the design and functioning are extremely hi-tech and stable so you can expect a pretty reliable engine and body with great performance.

Passenger Capacity

This model will carry 5 adults comfortably and there is ample room on the jump-seats in the back to accommodate a small child. This may not be the typical family car, the Tesla P85D is safe and performs well, and so if you have a small family, this car would be a good option to invest in.

Cargo Capacity

The car has a fine combination of hatchback and trunk which means it can accommodate a lot of stuff. Compared to other Sedans, the Tesla P85D may fall short of space but it is still very accommodating and can carry almost just as much.


The D in the name stands for Dual-Motors, so your foul weather concerns are handled properly. The vehicle also comes with many advanced safety features that protect the driver and passengers in case of incidents. Although according to previous reports, the Tesla has crashed numerous times when it comes to passive safety; but there have never been any fatalities.
With the rising number of Teslas on the road; a few accidents are bound to take to place. But this model has achieved the highest security ratings and the car has been designed with an armor protecting the engine from beneath.

Fuel Consumption

The ideal solution would be to have solar power at home so you can charge your Tesla for FREE, but we don’t live in a perfect world. This model has running costs in terms of fuel and energy, but it really depends on your usage how affordable or cost-effective it proves to be.


The P85D has a horsepower of 691 and can reach up to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. The vehicle is incredibly hi-tech so it has a lot of performance related tricks up its sleeves. This four-door Sedan can give any super expensive fats cars in the market a run for their money, proving that Tesla indeed is a complete car.

Style & Luxury

The aesthetic elements used in this car’s visual designing are quite cohesive and appear pleasing to the eye. Although you can’t compare the look to classic cars with exotic looks, it still has an attractive appeal. The car is not particularly luxurious like a Bentley or Rolls Royce, nevertheless, it caters to all comfort needs effectively. The auto-pilot and other such features protect drivers from hazardous road accidents and mishaps.


There is a large amount of technological innovations onboard the Tesla P85D along with features that are specifically designed for the driver’s needs. This vehicle can adjust the gear suspension precisely based on your location and the auto-pilot even let’s you slide the car out the garage smoothly with just one command. So there is really no predicting how high tech this car can really get. Also, the Autopilot hardware opens up some exciting long term possibilities, but for now, the driver is responsible and ultimately in control of the car.

Other additions to the Autopilot feature includes Software v6.0, which keeps the driver in the know with live traffic updates, and Homelink, which can not only warm or cool your car according to your preference, but also help you back out of a tight garage. When was the last time your Toyota did that?

Author: Justin Harris

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